La chasse aux chevrons

Play la chasse aux chevrons
from July 22nd until September 1st 2023

How to play?
Look for promotional cards inside the Montreal metro stations. **Hint: Look behind the metro plans on the station walls, before and after the turnstile! **

The promo card contains a 6-letter code as well as a discount or promotion applicable with a purchase on our website. There is no minimum purchase to take advantage of the promo code.

How to use the promo code?

If you find a promo card with a % discount or free shipping. You will only have to enter the promo code at the end of your purchases.

If you find a promo card with a freebie, you should look for the symbol on the promoted product on the site. Example: If you find the card that says FREE CUP.

1. You need to browse and find the mug with the Chevron Hunt clue.

2. Add the product indicated on your card to the basket.

3. Add the promo code and the product will be free!

Do not hesitate to contact us by email for any questions.GOOD LUCK!


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